Another Time-consuming But Fun Thing

Here’s another challenging “quiz” to suck your time away, the Empire Poster Quiz. It’s harder than the college football helmet quiz (at least I thought so). Guess the film for the corresponding letter from its movie poster. Here’s a hint – it includes old and new films. I have a horrible memory for all things film (titles, actors, quotations), so it is really no surprise that I can’t remember movie name fonts, either. I got a measly 14.

Click here to check it out. Let me know how many you got in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Another Time-consuming But Fun Thing

  1. it doesn’t look like anyone else is posting, so go ahead and spoil it. and if they read the comments before taking the quiz, too bad for them.i hope you got the spiderman one?

  2. I should have gotten Jurassic Park.I maybe could have gotten Clockwork Orange, but I’m not beating myself up about it.I maybe could have gotten Vertigo or Psycho since Becca and I have watched almost 20 Hitchcock films in the past 12 months. The reason I didn’t get them is because we’ve seen then via Netflix and we don’t get to see the DVD covers when they come in the mail.I think they could have chosen more well-known movies. I can’t imagine anyone getting more than 15.

  3. i missed jurassic, too, but for clockwork orange. i got vertigo but i think i missed psycho. they are all pretty well known, though i did terrible, too. a friend of mine got 24 and he watches way more movies than most people…


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