Information Overload

I’ve been strapped for good original content, though I have come across some great stuff by other people recently. So here are a couple juicy tidbits.

-Quote from an 1877 Charles Spurgeon sermon warning against eating the putrid meat of poor or false teachings (from a post by Team Pyro asking “Would You Look for Edible Tidbits in the Compost Bin?“). Definitely helps as a response to the popular statements like “I know he’s not exactly right on some things, but I get so much out of what he says.” It’s easy to be carried away by every wave of doctrine, but difficult to stand up for being discerning. Read more by clicking the link above.

“If I have a joint of meat on my table of which the smell and the taste at once convince me that it is putrid and unwholesome, should I show discretion by eating the whole of it before giving my judgment that it is not fit for food? One mouthful is quite enough, and one sentence of some books ought to suffice for a sensible man to reject the whole mass. Let those who can relish such meat feed on it, but I have a taste for better food.”

-Another article by Tim Challies on the dangers of technology to the Christian life. Lengthy, but definitely worth the read.

“Technology is a great servant but an evil master. Technology is proof of the greatness of God and something we ought to be thankful for. After all, He is the One who has endowed humans with the ingenuity that makes it all possible. But why, then, have so many of us allowed it to rule and govern our lives? Why do we allow it to play such an important, transcendent role in our lives and in our families?”

-Ridiculous video about a minor league baseball brawl. The one guy who darts across the screen about halfway through is a pitcher who actually tried to throw a baseball into the other team’s dugout. No wonder he is still in the minors – he threw it wild and hit a fan in the face. He should be expelled from baseball for life and thrown in jail. Check it out here.



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