Linking: Data Smog and the Christian Life

Tim Challies wrote a very good article on the necessity and difficulty of spiritual growth in the technology age. Check it out here. He quotes Neil Postman’s “Informing Ourselves to Death” speech, which scores bonus points with me (I did my undergrad thesis on that speech). You can read similar articles here and here.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article to whet your appetite. And no, I am not perpetuating information overload by linking to it – it’s a worthwhile article that deserves thought and reflection.

How can a Christian find time to just sit and think, or sit and memorize or meditate upon Scripture? I know first-hand how difficult it is to remove myself from this information overload, even for a few days or a few hours…I have succumbed to the information overload, and have loved being a part of it. I have seen the data smog envelop my life. But, as with many other Christians, I know it has affected my spiritual life. While the information we are privy to is in many ways a blessing, in other ways it is a temptation and a curse.

Some days I thank God for the vast amount of information at my disposal. Other days I just wish it would all go away. In my more rational moments I know that this is impossible – the information is going to increase, not decrease. Therefore I am responsible before God to live a spiritually disciplined life in spite of this information overload. I am responsible before Him to carve time out of this information influx so I can just be alone with Him; alone with no telephone, no email, no internet.



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