Google "Creep" View?

This week, Google unveiled it’s “Street View” feature for the Hampton Roads region (including Virginia Beach, Norfolk, etc.). It’s amazing technology that lets you take a virtual walk down the street. I punched in our address, and I am looking right at our house! The pictures are about a year old, so Daniel’s car is in the driveway. Good thing the lawn was recently cut, though it’s a bit unfortunate that he did some yard work and Google captured the piles of debris in the road. Here’s a screenshot of our house (click on it for a bigger view).Not every area of the country has these capabilities yet, but Google is working on it. It’s really cool to punch in addresses and see what’s going on. It looks like Google did the Hampton Roads pictures on a gray weekend (I looked up my work address, and the parking lot was empty). I’m sure some people are freaked out a bit by this (probably the same people who believe every conspiracy theory they hear). I’m not freaked out – I think it’s simultaneously awesome and kinda weird at the same time. I’m also wondering what the benefit of this is – what improvement does this have? So when you’re getting directions, you know exactly what house it is? I don’t think that’s a good enough reason to create it…

For a writeup from our local paper, including how to use it, how it was made, what is and isn’t included, and some pretty funny comments from local citizens, click here.


2 thoughts on “Google "Creep" View?

  1. I have used the “Street View” feature a few times for work, to be able to determine what access we may have to a site and to decide what equipment we can or cannot bring.I have also virtually explored San Fransisco (Golden Gate Bridge, specifically) and a couple other cities where I have never been using the “Street View.”The feature I use more often is the “Birds Eye View” feature on Live Search Maps ( The “Birds Eye” feature gives you a view from the north/south/east/west at an approximately 30 degree angle–better than just the overhead satellite view. I have even seen my truck at one of the job sites I looked up!I, too have checked out my house with the Birds Eye view (Google Street View not available that far west in Jersey). The pictures don’t show the new house color yet, so they are at least a year old.I wrestle with this seemingly rampant reduction in privacy, but continue to hold to the mantra that if one isn’t doing anything wrong, it shouldn’t bother one too much.

  2. One might not be doing anything wrong, but someone else might be busy scoping out one’s home to determine the easiest point of entry…not to freak one out, or anything.


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