Linking: Pluralistic/Idolatrous Worship

I haven’t had much time lately to write real meaty posts, and I’m not foreseeing many in the next couple days, so I figured I’d link to this good article over at the Ligonier Ministries blog. It’s called “Pluralistic Worship” and you can read it by clicking here.

I’m not sure the title fits 100 percent with what the writer is talking about, but he (Johnson) brings up some very thought provoking ideas – namely that making worship more entertainment focused is idolatry. Johnson draws intriguing parallels between the Reformers’ reactions against the Roman Catholic view of sacraments and transubstantiation and the reaction that current Protestant “reformers” might have to take against the role of entertainment in the church:

“Much of what passes for worship today is nothing more than lightly baptized entertainment, and therefore is idolatrous. It is idolatry from which serious churches must distance themselves. Our principle must be (with apologies to Luther): ‘Let us, therefore, repudiate everything that smacks of entertainment…’ Has the time come when the sanctuaries of evangelical Protestantism must be cleansed of everything that reflects the world of entertainment? Our Reformed forefathers took axes to the altars, and they whitewashed the walls of medieval churches. If our analysis of worship that entertains is correct, similar iconoclastic fury must be shown, and soon, in our houses of worship lest they become houses of mirth.”

Certainly an thought-provoking idea.



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