Sunday Citation

During my adventures on the web and in books, I frequently come across nuggets of expertly-concocted words that warrant a bookmark, copy and paste, or pencil underline. Since I’ve sporadically posted some of these in the past, and I enjoy sharing thoughts I come across, I figured I would make it a regular occurrence. They potentially could come from Bible verses, theologians, literature, sermons, or podcasts. My motivation for posting them could be to stimulate encouragement, instigation, deeper thought, “amens,” or even rejection. Many times they will be thoughts that I am still meditating on in my own mind. Acknowledging the importance of context in streams of thought (and the danger in wrenching words out of context), I will either give brief context or refrain from posting that particular quotation if I deem it necessary. Without further ado, here is my first Sunday Citation.

“That Satan is to be blamed for much of the evil which is in the world, is freely affirmed by those who, though having so much to say about ‘the responsibility of man,’ often deny their own responsibility, by attributing to the Devil what, in fact, proceeds from their own evil hearts (Mark 7:21-23).”
-A.W. Pink in The Sovereignty of God



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