Long Awaited New Jersey Update

A couple weeks ago, my bride and I went up to New Jersey to visit the family. We hadn’t been up that way since Thanksgiving of 2007, and according to my brother, the entire family hadn’t been together since Thanksgiving of 2006. Hard to believe that time flies so fast. It was a fantastic weekend – we took Thursday and Friday off and arrived late Wednesday night.

Thursday the three Pearce men went to Yankee Stadium for the final time (the new stadium opens in 2009), and Be
cca and Elizabeth got to experience it for the first (and last) time. We had great seats – upper deck, non-alcoholic section, third base side. The game was fantastic too – a 6-3 Yankees win over the Indians. Four Yankees hit home runs, including my new favourite Yankee of the future: Robinson Cano. We even got to see Joba Chamberlain pitch for the first time (my other favourite Yankee of the future). Scott and I were reflecting on how many games we’ve attended there, and it’s definitely too many to count. I wish we had kept all the box scores from each game. What memories – blowouts, homeruns, playoff games, World Series games, with family, with the Fecis, with church people…Here are some pictures (some taken by me, some by Scott, some by Dad…click to enlarge and to read the captions). I’ll post the three brief videos I took at a later date.
On Saturday morning, Scott and I went for our annual birthday golf outing. This year, we decided to bring some friends along to Apple Mountain – Ben, Dan (Amy’s beau), and Greg. We had a great (though soggy) time. Dan beat us all by quite a bit. Scott and I shot similarly, though I pulled it out on the back nine. Pictures courtesy of Scott:Saturday consisted of a great birthday picnic Becca organized for Scott. Photos courtesy of Scott’s manual Nikkon again. There were other good ones which you can (maybe) see on his Facebook page:What a great weekend. Can’t wait till we live closer so we can do it more often!


7 thoughts on “Long Awaited New Jersey Update

  1. I believe his name is “Dan-the-Man”, not “Danny Boy”. Clearly anyone who has heard me speak of him would know this. Get your nicknames straight, people.


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