I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today

One of the most underrated bands I know is Guster. I used to be a big fan, and haven’t really listened to them lately – until the other day. They are a quality threesome with tight harmonies, catchy-but-original songs, witty lyrics, and a drummer who plays with his hands with the nickname “Thunder Man.” Their “Keep it Together” album is my favourite Guster studio album (though their live album is my favourite overall, partly because I attended the show at which it was taped and my silhouette appears once or twice in the DVD).

I’ve found myself singing their song “I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today” when I first awaken in the mornings. The hardest thing in waking up isn’t getting in the shower on time or turning off the alarm, but it’s getting up away from my wife’s side. Sometimes I wish I could stay there all day. That’s where this song comes in:

I’m awake, you’re still sleeping
The sun will rise like yesterday
Everything that we are now
Is everything we can’t let go
Or it’s gone forever, far away
I hope tomorrow is like today

Don’t you go away tomorrow,
I don’t think I could handle that
You’re probably dreaming that you’re flying on
Then you start to fell
But then you rise and shine forever
Don’t go away
I hope tomorrow is like today


3 thoughts on “I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today

  1. Do they have a song called “Parachute Over Me” or something like that?I heard it entirely by accident and love the song. Someone told me that it might be by them…”There we stand stand, about to fly.Peeking down overland, parachute behind.What was the moment for which we lived, without a parachute, about to die”That’s the opening lyric..Sound familiar?

  2. I don’t listen to Guster all the time, but every once in a while I pop it in and it never fails to make me smile and I can’t help but sing along. By the way, what’s with the “u” in favorite? Are you British?


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