Two Things That Make Me Proud

The first “thing” is my little sister, who I’ve posted about before. Her softball accomplishments continue to mount – she not only had a .444 batting average this season, but she keeps re-writing Geneva’s history books. You can read the full story here (which was posted on Geneva’s homepage no less). Amy (as a junior this year) was once again first team NCCAA All-American, set Geneva single-season records of 12 homeruns and 51 RBI’s, and broke the career record for RBI’s with 111. Remember, she’s still only a junior. She also did much of this while playing through a pretty serious thumb injury that will require surgery after the season. Amy was also the NCCAA Easter Regional player of the year and was on the First Team as well. Perhaps what I’m most proud of is her hard work in the classroom, as she was named to the NCCAA Scholar-Athlete team (minimum GPA: 3.4).

The second thing that has recently made me proud was the men of my former housing group, AEX, winning the overall and housing group categories at the 2008 All-College sing. This was the first time any group other than “Noteworthy” has won the overall award in over 30 years. Noteworthy did not sing as they usually do this year (they usually sing as an “independent men’s group”), but instead sang under the housing group category. AEX still beat them. This makes me think that AEX losing the overall category to Noteworthy in 2007 was really only because the judges are easily swayed by tradition, and they didn’t want to break the tradition of Noteworthy’s thirty-year winning streak. Even after getting robbed last year, AEX won soundly this year with “Down By the Riverside.” Check it out below or here.


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