I Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Broadcast…

…to bring you this breaking report.

We are really looking forward to our trip to New Jersey this weekend (leaving this afternoon) – family, birthday celebrations, golf, Yankees game, Mother’s Day, Church of the Covenant…

Now we’re just praying that we get there. My wife’s car has been in the shop for a while for planned repairs, and yesterday, my car overheated and had to be towed. Go to my wife’s blog here for the full story and for a great testament to God’s faithfulness to us. Hopefully we get to Jersey before game time at 1 p.m. Thursday! I’m planning on doing a satellite post from New Jersey (Blogging Bridges every Friday!), and will post an update with pictures when we get back.


One thought on “I Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Broadcast…

  1. My wife and I have also had car issues this year (adding to an already hard year). That said, I recognized God’s goodness to me when my car broke down in the drive-thru line at Chick-fil-A on Indian River. Nothing like eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, looking at your broken car and waiting for a tow. Bonus: I was able to turn the story into a sermon illustration. Let’s just say I wasn’t a hero in the story. Hope things work out for y’all.


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