What a Long, Strange [Blog] It’s Been

I thought it would be appropriate as I write this one-year blog anniversary post to frame the post around Grateful Dead lyrics since that’s what I did in my inaugural post just over one year ago. Lots has happened since then, and I’ve posted on everything from the Yankees to book reviews to hymns to personal reflections. I’ve had posts that generate little comments to posts that go so far as to necessitate deleted comments. In the last year, I’ve also had 2,816 visitors in my first year, which is pretty cool.

I’ve immensely enjoyed blogging, and I hope those of you who are faithful readers have received something worthwhile for your time investment. We’ve been through some up and down times together – like the fall of 2007 where my frequency declined by one each month until I hit rock bottom in December with an embarrassing solitary post. But I’ve hit the ground running in 2008, and set my own personal records for most posts in a month in three consecutive months – 6 in February, 7 in March, and a whopping 15 in April. I’ve really felt the blog juices flowing recently, and am looking forward to blogging at a decent clip from here on out, so tell your friends.

You might remember when I mentioned this post a couple weeks ago that I hinted at a special announcement. No, we aren’t expecting our first child. What the announcement was going to be was an additional new blog over at the new blogging site tumblr.com. I even started it to test to see how it would go. The purpose would be to post more regularly but on smaller things – like quotes, lyrics, links, etc. I would then reserve the blog you are on now for longer “article” posts. However, I decided to scrap that idea even though I love the template I used over there (check it out here).

I decided against it because I realized I could do those shorter, top-of-mind posts at this blog, too. It would be a bit too much to ask for you to check two blogs for me anyways. As you can probably tell, I also decided to upgrade the layout of this blog, too, which also helps. You might have also noticed that I added some more blogs and links to the left for your pleasure – all come recommended from me (though some are more frequently updated than others *cough Scott and Greg *cough). Of note include the fairly new Ligonier Ministries blog (R.C. Sproul’s organization), who has been posting chapters from the out-of-print book Everyone Must be a Theologian. It’s fantastic.

Anyways, I apologize that this has turned into rambling (something that I think I’ve been pretty good at avoiding this year). It’s been a great year not only in the blogosphere but in the Va Beach Pearce family, too – God continues to lead us with his unending grace. I’m looking forward to what He has in store for us in the next year.

If you have any suggestions on the blog, any posts you would like to see in the future, or any questions, feel free to either comment below, or shoot me an email at pearce dot joel at gmail dot com.


2 thoughts on “What a Long, Strange [Blog] It’s Been

  1. Joel,Nice new look to your blog. I might need to enlist you to keep my blogs from looking “so 2007.”That tumblr site does look nice, but you’re wise not to try to manage (not just two but) three blogs. Trust me!Ken

  2. Thanks Ken, another aspect that went into my decision was that the template I wanted to use on tumblr didn’t have the comments feature…and since we all know that I blog for comments, that would never work.There were a couple other good looking Blogspot templates that I was deciding between, you could try one of those?


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