Linking: Resurgence of Calvinism from a Wesleyan-Armenian Perspective

First, go to Justin Taylor’s blog (editor, writer, teacher) and read his post from April 29 titled “Two Cheers for the Resurgence of Calvinism in Evangelicalism: A Wesleyan-Arminian Perspective.” Then come back and read my thoughts. (his post is quite long, but you won’t be disappointed).

Since I consider myself part of this movement of younger Christians toward Calvinism and the Reformed tradition, I enjoyed McCall’s insight as someone not involved in such a movement. I resonated with much of his description as well, including some of the concerns. By resonate, I mean that I identified with even some of the concerns he brought up – like pride and what he calls “Neo-Reformed Magisterium.” I’ve seen the latter in my own life in “following” R.C. Sproul or reading a very narrow list of authors. I’ve also seen this a lot around me – especially at Grove City – where someone might be a “follower” of (or even “worship”) John Piper, and lean on Piper’s teachings instead of the teachings of the Word of God.

I’ve been guilty of not making this distinction in my own life. A commenter on the blog brings up a question someone asked at a recent Reformed evangelical conference (with Driscoll, Piper, etc): “How do you keep from following a theologian and follow Christ instead?” It’s a question everyone needs to ask themselves, and make sure they heed it. I need to not follow Sproul or Bridges or Horton or Packer, but follow God’s word laid out in Scripture. I need to constantly examine myself, as well as these other writers, to make sure I am discerning what is of the Lord and what isn’t.

So, Mr. McCall (via Mr. Taylor), thanks for your thoughts, encouragement, and challenge…even if you are Armenian.



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