Music Plug: Nathan Clark George

Tonight our church hosted Christian singer/songwriter Nathan Clark George for a concert. This was the second time he’s made the trek with his family to Virginia Beach to play for us. Much of his music is taken directly from Scripture, including pieces from Isaiah, Habakkuk, the epistles, and a heavy dose from the Psalms. He adapts many hymns and plays many songs about “life,” many of which are inspired from his family – he’s married with five kids under nine. His music is original and sincere, and isn’t like much of the downright annoying current Christian music you hear (see below and here). It’s also folk-based, so that’s another reason why I love it. He is very talented both as a lyricist and a musician.

His visit was planned with the Sabbath in mind – he joined us for morning worship and led the congregation in one of his songs and played the offertory. His music (just him and his guitar when he’s live) is uplifting, encouraging, challenging, and above all glorifying to God. He is a former PCA pastor who hit the road in his RV with his wife and kids three years ago to bring his ministry of music all over the country. One of the highlights of the night was definitely him inviting four of his children up on stage with him (the youngest, Matthias, is only a few months old) to sing a stirring version of “Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah.” It was fantastic.

Other highlights for me included his version of the hymns “Not What My Hands Have Done” and “My Jesus, I Love Thee,” along with a brief interlude of what he called “theologically questionable” covers of songs from as early as the 1940s (“Young at Heart” and “The Lord’ll Provide”). Last time he was with us, I believe he did a Johnny Cash cover.

I encourage you to contact Nathan and bring him to your church for an evening of music – you won’t be disappointed. I especially implore Dad/Greg/Scott to get on board. He is based in the Midwest, so those of you out yonder should hop on the bandwagon, too. You can visit here for more information on scheduling, or here to listen to and subsequently buy his music.



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