Bragging on My Sister

My sister, Amy, is a junior at Geneva College, and has great grades. She is also a phenomenal softball player at Geneva. She has smarts, good looks, a great sense of humor, and many other fantastic features. I could be biased, but two of her better features are her two older brothers, Scott and I (or is it me?). Scott and I have enjoyed claiming that we taught Amy everything she knows about softball, and we like to take some credit for her success. She is only a junior, but if I’m not mistaken, I think she is on pace to set several Geneva softball batting records before she graduates. As a catcher, she also throws out an unheard of amount of runners who try to steal on her – last I heard her caught stealing percentage was hovering around 70 percent. Roy Campanella, Hall of Fame catcher, holds the record for the highest career caught stealing percentage at 57.4.

Lately, I’ve been humbled by just how good Amy is, and I’m not sure how much credit Scott and I can take anymore. We haven’t been belittling Amy’s accomplishments, God-given talent, hard work, and knack for hitting a softball, but we have joked around a lot that she owes her success to us. Sure, we made Amy tough and maybe showed her some basics – what are brothers for? But neither of the Pearce brothers have come close to Amy’s accomplishments in athletics. The highest level we achieved was playing varsity baseball for the juggernaut that is Hackettstown High School. I hit one homerun in my varsity career, and I think Scott hit a couple. If you count my intramural softball career at Grove City, my lifetime homerun total is between three and five.

But then I get news of Amy’s most recent game on March 25. You can read a quick synopsis here. In a doubleheader, Amy had three homeruns and ten RBIs, in only four or five at bats (Amy’s account and the article differ – the article claims she had seven RBIs in the opener, and three more in the second game, and Amy claims she was 3-4 with three homeruns total). Unreal. Those two games alone are better than anything Scott and I ever did.

Great job, Amy, you’ve made your two older brothers very, very proud.


6 thoughts on “Bragging on My Sister

  1. I hit a home run to dead centerfield in my first high school varsity at bat. That was my peak. I didn’t once hit it over an outfielder’s head in my company’s slow pitch softball season last summer.

  2. Thanks for the nice article big brother : ) You make me proud that you can write the way you do so Ill get the hits and you can write the articles haha. I will always give my brothers the credit for getting me started with my first glove and my signature baseball swing. You have taught me so much more than just athletics and you both mean the world to me. I love you and miss you!

  3. We did what Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez would do and passed on our old gloves to you. The only difference is that he made the Dodgers and stole home in a fictional game, while Joel and I are both balding prematurely.

  4. Joel -Wow. Your sister just offered you a career as her PR person. An honest living… probably good money in it… and it would keep you (outrageously) humble.I’d say take it, unless you can improve your batting avg.Ken


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