March Madness begins

Today starts one of the most exciting times of the year for sports fans – the tip off of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – affectionately known as “March Madness.” The tournament starts in late March and ends in early April, but it’s still called March Madness. Go figure. I’m involved in several things for the tournament, one is my annual “Pearce Bracket Challenge,” which is in its 6th year. My bracket is below. It’s probably the gutsiest bracket I’ve ever filled out. I’m either gonna run away with the win, or be out of it pretty quick.Second, three college friends and I randomly draw numbers and see who wins – no money riding on it, just mere bragging rights. An unbiased party randomly assigns the numbers 1-64 to the 64 teams in the tournament, we draw numbers from 1-64 out of a hat, then we usually trade for our favourite numbers, and then we find out who we have. Yes, it’s really dorky, but it’s awesome. This is also the sixth year we have done this, and each of us has won at least once. I always try to trade for #5, and this year I was lucky enough to draw it. I also drew #61, which is Momper’s favourite number, so I gave him #61 for #20, in honor of my sister, Amy. #20 was American (a 15 seed), and #61 was Texas A&M (a 9 seed). Below are my randomly-drawn teams (in order of rank):

North Carolina – 1
Kansas – 1
Louisville – 3
Wisconsin – 3
Oklahoma – 6
USC – 6
Oregon – 9
Davidson – 10
South Alabama – 10
Baylor – 11
Kansas St. – 11
George Mason – 12
Siena – 13
Georgia – 14
American – 15
UT Arlington – 16

All in all, not the best numbers (my ranks add up to 141, second highest to Momper, who has 152). JB, as usual, has the lowest number (120), followed by Harrington at 131. But I have a good thing going because I’m the only one to draw two #1 seeds. After my #3 seeds, though, my picks severely drop off. We shall see.

I love March Madness.


2 thoughts on “March Madness begins

  1. It’s true, Pearce, our number thing is dorky, but sweet. And how do I always have the best numbers, but have only won once. I’ll save my dominance for fantasy football. I think this is your year, JP.

  2. I have never heard of anyone doing your drawing scheme. I love it.I will find it easy to be content with any tournament outcome so long as my wife does not beat me this year.


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