2008 MLB Predictions

I’m dying for baseball to start. It’s supposed to get up to 70+ degrees today here in Virginia Beach, and I’m stuck inside. All I want to do it toss a baseball around. Since I’m having a hard time thinking of anything else, here are my picks for the season. A little later on, I’ll do a Yankees-only post like last year. As you can see from the picks, I have a bit of a NY/East Coast bias.

AL East:
Yankees – pitching makes me nervous, but still the best lineup in the division
Red Sox – pitching is worse than the Yankees
Rays – much improved
Blue Jays – not as good as everyone thinks
Orioles – terrible, terrible team

AL Central:
Tigers – most improved team in the AL
Indians – they surprised a lot of people last year; not this year though
White Sox – they surprised a lot of people last year in how bad they were
Twins – getting rid of Santana and Hunter hurts, but they’ll bounce back in 09
Royals – I almost put them ahead of the Twins

AL West:
Angels – this will be the closest AL division race
Mariners – arguably the best one-two pitching punch in the majors
A’s – they still find ways to be competitive with a lackluster roster
Rangers – they are really bad still

NL East:
Mets – I wouldn’t be surprised if Santana won 25 games
Braves – most improved lineup in the division, but they don’t have Santana
Phillies – great lineup, but don’t have deep enough pitching
Nationals – they’ll surprise a lot of people this year; too bad they’re in the East
Marlins Hanley and his crooked hat are the only reasons worth watching

NL Central:
Cubs – much improved, could go far – oh wait, they’re the Cubbies
Brewers – won’t surprise anyone this year
Reds – not very deep, but could surprise a lot of people
Pirates – I think this is their year to break their sub-.500 streak
Cardinals – if Pujols is hurt for a length of time, they will be last
Astros – why does this division have six teams, and the AL West only has four?

NL West:
Dodgers – much improved, especially with Torre
Diamondbacks – possibly the best NL pitching staff, but they can’t score
Rockies – the darlings of 2007 won’t duplicate their streak
Padres – lineup is weak, but they have the second best pitcher in the NL
Giants – almost as bad as the Marlins

AL Wild Card: Mariners
NL Wild Card: Braves

ALCS: Yankees over Tigers (in seven)
NLCS: Mets over Cubs (in five)
WS: Yankees over Mets (in six)

AL MVP: A-Rod repeats (dark horse: Manny Ramirez)
NL MVP: Mark Texeiria (dark horse: Johan Santana)
AL Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia
NL Cy Young: Santana
AL Rookie of the Year: Phil Hughes
NL Rookie of the Year: Matt Kemp
AL Manager of the Year: John McLaren (Mariners)
NL Manager of the Year: Joe Torre gets his due


7 thoughts on “2008 MLB Predictions

  1. Forgive my blashpemy, but I don’t think Saint Joe is a great manager. I would be surprised if he helps the Dodgers in any significant capacity.I’d be surprised if Santana wins 20. Yes, he’s awesome, but now he’s a Met. Something is bound to go wrong. Granted, the Mets have just done something the Yankees were never able to do–obtain the best pitcher in the game while he is still the best pitcher in the game, not four years past prime (read: Randy Johnson).The Mets will never be the Yankees. The Mets will never beat the Yankees. They are lovable bunch of almosts. They will always be the kid brother to the Bombers.But then again, the Giants won the Super Bowl.

  2. I wouldn’t say that Joe is a great manager of the game, but he is a great manager of players, which is something the Dodgers need. He handles players (especially veterans) very well. The Dodgers need that with Andruw Jones, Garciaparra, Kent, Pierre, Penny, Lowe, Loaiza, Saito, etc. Plus, Torre loves him some Scott Proctor.

  3. I know that I may be biased as well…but I think that the Mets injuries are what is going to hurt them the most this year. El Duque is older than the whole of the Braves rotation put together (with Smoltzie and Glavine that is really saying something). Pedro hasn’t pitched a complete season since he owned the Yankees. Church is still seeing stars. Delgado has been limping around and getting MRI’s on his hip. Alou has hernia problems, Gotey a broken ankle, and Beltran is having knee troubles again. Plus I have a sneaking suspicion that Santana is going to begin to decline due to his inevitable elbow problems. But again…I may be biased.

  4. I wrote up my predictions and came up with… the exact same list! The only difference: I put the Yankees just below the Blue Jays. They are clearly superior to the Orioles though, and should have an edge on them.

  5. I took a stab at as well…AL East:Yankees – Should walk away with the division but there will be some “Girardi growing pains”Red Sox – Lester is their opening day starter??Rays – Will give the Yanks problems but nobody elseBlue Jays – Still 2 years (and a new division) away from dominatingOrioles – At least they got some new young guys that they can blame their woes onAL Central:Tigers – Will score at least 20 runs a gameIndians – Hafner, Martinez, and Sabathia will do their best to outweigh each other before the start of each gameWhite Sox – Will have the best 7th-9th inning relievers in baseball but won’t have a starter to get them thereRoyals – After the suspensions they will do just fineTwins – Will trade a former MVP before the All-Star breakAL West:Mariners – ASSUMING King Felix stays healthy they will walk away with the divisionAngels – I still question their young guys and pitchingA’s – Didn’t they trade everyone away?Rangers – Perhaps if they put the Rangers, O’s, and Royals in one division one of them would make the playoffsNL East:Braves – Now begins the new streakMets – After 5 starts Santana has a 5.45 ERA. I know it’s just spring training but his two worst games were against the Cards…Phillies – Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Hammels are going to be studs for a long time…but you need more than that.Nats – I had them in third before the new injuriesMarlins – Their lineup looks like most AA lineupsNL Central:Cubs – Remind me of the Red Sox, more than serviceable lineup with questions at pitchingReds – They have some seriously good young players mixed with some veterans and a future HOFCards – Will be good if they get their pitching backPirates – I think this is their year to EXTEND their sub-.500 streakAstros – Would be in second if Oswalt could pitch every other dayNL West:Diamondbacks – Great pitching and their young players are only getting betterDodgers – Because you have to be at least a decent manager to have any success in the NLRockies – They could finish first and last at the same timeGiants – Will have the best record in baseball after the All-Star breakPadres – Traded away too many key players to make a run this yearAL Wild Card: Red SoxNL Wild Card: DodgersALCS: Tigers over Yankees (in six)NLCS: Braves over Dodgers (in seven)AL MVP: A-Rod (dark horse: Manny “contract year” Ramirez)NL MVP: Jose Reyes (dark horse: Chipper Jones)AL Cy Young: Erik BedardNL Cy Young: Johan SantanaAL Rookie of the Year: Adam JonesNL Rookie of the Year: Jair JurrjensAL Manager of the Year: John McLarenNL Manager of the Year: Bob Melvin

  6. It appears that in my haste I forgot to place the mighty mighty Brew Crew…I think they will finish 3rd in the central. My World Series pick is Tigers over Braves in 6


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