Extension of ER "Atonement" post

In one of my first posts on this blog, I wrote about product placement in Casino Royale. As I was thinking more the video clip I showed in my previous post, I was thinking how amusing/interesting it would be if churches, namely denominations, a) had an advertising budget and b) used part of it to engage in “product” placement in prominent television shows or blockbuster films.

I’ll use the denomination of which I am a member as an example to show how ridiculous if would be. Imagine if the chaplain, instead of being flustered by the man’s demand for someone who believed in a “real heaven and a real hell,” got up and said “well, I did see a PCA pastor outside earlier, let me see if he’s still around. He’ll be able to answer your questions better than I can.”

For some reason, that imaginary situation really amuses me.


One thought on “Extension of ER "Atonement" post

  1. That product placement could be very helpful. Because in that case the woman would have said, “Let me explain to you my beliefs, which are derived from ancient paganism and American pop psychology.”It wouldn’t hurt to have everything made a little more clear!


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