Super Bowl Champs

My New York football Giants won Super Bowl XLII.

It’s hard to believe, really. 18-0 Patriots. Underestimated Giants. Hardly anyone gave them a shot. But in one of the biggest upsets ever, and one of the best Super Bowl games ever (up there in my lifetime to the Giants’ last Super Bowl win in 1991), the Giants pulled it out. The defensive line played out of their mind, Eli Manning and David Tyree hooked up on a play that will go down in history with the Immaculate Reception and The Catch, and Tom Coughlin and his staff outcoached one of the greatest coaches of all time.

Times like these are somewhat surreal. The win really didn’t start to sink in until I talked to my brother, Scott (which is the case with most big Giants/Yankees/Michigan wins). And now as I write this the morning after, I’m still in a daze.

I was reflecting on this monumental win this morning as I was getting ready. Sometimes it seems silly to invest so much time, passion, and energy to “just a game.” I have occasionally questioned my level of emotional attachment to sports teams, thought I was caring a little too much, and wondered why it was such an influential part of my life. In the grand scheme of things, what’s the big deal about a silly game with a pigskin and huge men trying to knock the living daylights out of each other? But the more I think about it, the more I realize that there is something valid and even important about attaching yourself to a team or even a “cause” and identifying as a fan/supporter.

Something in human nature longs to identify with something bigger than oneself. The highest “cause” one can aspire to identify with is the kingdom of God – being adopted as a son of God. A sports team might not be the most prestigious or most honorable of causes, but it is a valid one when it is in perspective. I identify first and foremost as a child of God, and then as a husband/son/brother, and then other identities follow. Being a New York Giants, New York Yankees, and Michigan Wolverines fan are definitely important aspects of my life , but they are secondary to my other identities.

That said, I am very proud to be a New York Giants fan, and am still in an ecstatic daze.

PS. I love Michael Strahan’s face in the above picture.
PPS. Tiki “I’m a hater” Barber had to wake up and feel thissmall this morning.


5 thoughts on “Super Bowl Champs

  1. what an exciting game…i have never ever been so glued to a game or been so into a game before. i’m super-pleased that this was the year i decided to get into football:-) i’m dazed still this morning, the thing that will make it a little less surreal is seeing some footage of tom brady talking about the game. what was it? 9 times he got knocked to the ground? 🙂 enjoy it joel!!!

  2. I had to crawl out of bed at a quarter to 6 in the morning to get downtown in time to watch the game. I almost skipped it, because I was quite tired and it was nice and warm in my bed! Boy am I glad I got up! I’m not really a fan or hater of either team, so I was hoping the underdog would win. It sure was an exciting game even for someone who wasn’t a huge fan, so I can imagine you were quite pleased 😉 In Hong Kong, we have to suffer through local commercials during the game, so I’m glad the game was as good as it was!


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