Making a Change

I’ve been attending Norfolk State University part time for almost one full year now, and I will have 12 credits (four classes) under my belt come December. I’ve been working on my M.A. in Media & Communication, in the Interpersonal Communication track, with a Speech Communication emphasis (how do they put that on a diploma?). Without going into too much detail, I’ve come to the realization lately that the NSU program is not for me for a number of reasons. So I’ve been prayerfully exploring many other options.

As I saw it, there were four options for me – not go to school at all right now, and wait until Elizabeth is done with her schooling; find another adequate communication program in another neighboring institution or online program; stick with my program at NSU; or totally switch gears and find a seminary/religion program either online or in this area. As late as this past weekend, I was teetering between online seminary, with the ultimate goal of being a professor of religion down the road, or the first and second choices.

I struggled through making a decision, and the only decision I had made as of Monday was that a decision had to be made – I would not be attending NSU in the spring. What to do instead, if anything, was now the issue. I decided to check out the ODU website once again (Old Dominion University), a reputable state school here in Hampton Roads. As I suspected, no M.A. in Communication or similar program was listed under their graduate studies. I had visited ODU’s website many times before, so this was no surprise to me. However, on this visit, I clicked on the M.A. in Humanities program, and to my surprise, under that umbrella degree is the option to tailor the program to Communication!

To make a long story short, I am now in the process of applying for admission to ODU’s M.A. in Humanities program to study Communciation. The deadline for applications is November 1, and I need to take the GRE exam – which was waived for my entrance to NSU for GPA reasons. But ODU requires it (which I take as a good sign). So I’m scheduled to take the GRE on Friday, October 19, which gives me roughly two and a half weeks to prepare for an exam for which most students study months for. Hooray for cramming!

Needless to say, I will not be posting too many times between now and then, if at all. Be patient, faithful readers (what few of you there are), and I’ll post as I am able.

PS. If any of you have review materials for the GRE and live in the area, I will gladly take them off your hands.


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