There Are Two "L"s in Lloyd

This past weekend, my brother, Scott, and I fulfilled a lifelong dream. We went to the Big House. For those of you not well-versed in college football-ology, the Big House is home to the winningest college football program in history, the University of Michigan Wolverines. Needless to say, the Wolverines did not look like the storied, proud program of years past on Saturday.

First, some background. Michigan came into the season ranked #5 in the AP poll, and had high expectations for an undefeated season. Two of the starters were also in the top five preseason Heisman trophy candidates
for the best player in college football. Last week, the first game of the season, Michigan lost to Appalachian State, a Division 1-AA school (Michigan is Division 1). It was hailed as one of the biggest upsets in history. I don’t want to talk about it.

This week, Michigan played Oregon, an unranked team, but still dangerous. Michigan was once again favored to win – afterall, they rarely lose two games in a row, let alone two games in a row at home. Scott and I were slightly nervous, but still both predicted a Michigan win.

Michigan got trounced. Lloyd Carr (the Michigan coach and who this post is named after) did not prepare the team whatsoever for this game, and as such, they were thoroughly outplayed in every facet of the game. Their defense, which was one of the best in the country last year, gave up over 600 yards, and 39 points. The Wolverines scored on their second possession, and not once after that – final score Oregon 39 – Michigan 7. To add injury to insult, Michigan’s (former) Heisman candidate quarterback Chad Henne was injured, as was fellow (former) Heisman candidate running back Mike Hart an
d outstanding senior offensive lineman Jake Long.

It was still a great trip, and the Big House is something to behold. The attendance was 109,000+. Our seats were in the south endzone, in the top row. As you can see from the pictures, this wasn’t a bad view, and there was no one behind us, so we could stand up and lean on the wall. The one downside was that we were in the unofficial visitor’s section, so there were many annoying duck calls around us.

It was a great weekend, the score notwithstanding. Here are some more pictures:

The pregame view from our seats:The band’s pregame show (at least we have a better band than Oregon):Michigan’s first and only touchdown play (the ball is in the air):
A sad Scott and I outside the stadium after the game:

5 thoughts on “There Are Two "L"s in Lloyd

  1. Looks like you got to be a witness to history. Kind of like being in the theater when Lincoln was shot, but still something for the history books. Glad you had an enjoyable time. Never realized how large that stadium is. 109,000! Turnout like that always makes pastors take notice.Ken

  2. I guess the “history” is a small consolation…The all-time college football attendance record that I found was set by Michigan in 2003 against Ohio State – 112,118.

  3. oops…and the two “close” losses we had so far to “great” teams…My friend just passed along a joke to me:Q: How many batteries does it take to shock a Michigan football player?A: 1-AA


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