One Year

This past weekend, my beautiful wife, Elizabeth, and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. Hard to believe one whole year has passed. Marriage for us is one of those things that seems like we’ve been married forever, but at the same time it feels like it was just yesterday that we were tying the knot. It’s been a wonderful year, and God has blessed us abundantly.

Since we are both pretty low-key people, we decided to keep things simple (not to mention cheap). The Friday night before our anniversary, we snagged free tickets to the B.B. King concert at the Ntelos Pavilion (my place of employment gets season tickets). B.B. was a riot – he is over 80 years old, and can still entertain. His anecdotes in between songs had the crowd engaged from the start. He would tell stories on topics ranging from his early career to relationships, to the need for interracial peace. While he wasn’t talking or singing, he would let his legendary guitar, named Lucille, do the singing. He might be 80+ years old and suffering from diabetes and bad joints, but that man can still play guitar, that’s for sure. We had a great time, and seeing a rock ‘n roll legend live in concert is always a great start to any weekend. I apologize for the poor quality of pictures, but that is the best I could do. On our anniversary day, we decided to go sunglasses shopping. This may seem lame, and after I explain why, you might think it’s even lamer, but we loved it. The weekend we first started dating back in 2003, we visited a sunglass shop on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. We flirted shamelessly as we took forever to pick out our shades. Well, four years later, since we both have lost our sunglasses, we decided to relive the memory here in Virginia Beach. We found a decent sunglass shop on the Oceanfront, and picked out our shades. We also took pictures of the most ridiculous shades we could find, too: The happy couple with our purchased shades:For dinner, we spontaneously decided to dine at a local Puerto Rican grill, Teresita’s Latino Bar & Grill, since we went to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon. While the place was empty, the food was delicioso. Elizabeth had pork on a stick with rice and beans, and I had fried pork (Mofongo con Carne Frita) with mashed plantains and rice and beans. We were too full for dessert, so we went to the local Mexican restaurant later that evening to split some fried ice cream. All in all, it was a great first anniversary. As I look back, I can definitely say that my love for my wife has grown and deepened so that I love her more today than the day we met – and I hope to say that next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.


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